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The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane Vinyl

The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane Vinyl

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Official newly remastered Jefferson Airplane "The Worst of Jefferson Airplane". The Worst of Jefferson Airplane is the first compilation album from the rock band Jefferson Airplane, released in November 1970. This album ironically features all of the band's biggest hits to date an peaked at #12 on the Bilboard 200 in 1971. 


It's No Secret 2:37
Blues From An Airplane 2:10
Somebody To Love 2:54
Today 2:57
White Rabbit 2:27
Embryonic Journey 1:51
Martha 3:21
The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil 4:30
Crown Of Creation 2:53
Chushingura 1:17
Lather 2:55
Plastic Fantastic Lover 3:39
Good Shepherd 4:22
We Can Be Together 5:50
Volunteers 2:03
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