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Jefferson Airplane Crown of Creation Vinyl

Jefferson Airplane Crown of Creation Vinyl

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"When you listen to this album, you just don't get 'peace and love man'..."—Jack Casady

1968 was an amazing year for rock music, and San Francisco was the place to be for legendary classic rock bands like Jefferson Airplane. After stunning success with three gold and platinum Lps under their belts, the classic quintet of Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Grace Slick and Spencer Dryden delivered their masterwork Crown Of Creation. The Lp would become one of the most important albums of their long career featuring one of the most artistic and sobering covers of our time.


Lather 2:55
In Time 4:07
Triad 4:54
Star Track 3:09
Share A Little Joke 3:04
Chushingura 1:17
If You Feel 3:30
Crown Of Creation 2:52
Ice Cream Phoenix 2:59
Greasy Heart 3:25
The House At Pooneil Corners 5:46
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